“To Manifest” is a collective manifesto, an intersectional feminist approach to the way we teach, live, and work. During the two-day workshop FAAC Your Syllabus!, eighteen feminist educators, activists, and curators from the US and abroad, met and discussed the feminisms that have been influential, textual or otherwise. We debated methods/priorities and workshopped syllabi on art, architecture, and visual and cultural studies. We concluded with an exercise in collective writing, articulating problems and demands in academia, and beyond.
“To Manifest” was first written at FAAC Your Syllabus! a workshop which took place on April 21-22, 2018, at Columbia University’s Buell Hall, as part of the exhibition Now What?! Advocacy Activism and Alliances in American Architecture since 1968, organized by ArchiteXX. The workshop was funded by the Global Architectural History Teaching Collaborative. We want to thank them for their support, ArchiteXX for the prompt and Columbia’s GSAPP for the space. The manifesto was collectively-edited by FAAC through summer 2018.
“To Manifest” is written by FAAC: Ana María León, Andrea J. Merrett, Armaghan Ziaee, Catalina Mejía Moreno, Charlotte Kent, Elaine Stiles, Emma Cheatle, Jennifer Y. Chuong, Juliana Maxim, Katherine Guinness, Louisa Iarocci, Martina Tanga, Olga Touloumi, Rebecca Choi, S Surface, Saher Sohail, Sarah Parrish, Tessa Paneth-Pollak.
“To Manifest,” Harvard Design Magazine 46: No Sweat (Fall/Winter 2018).

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